It’s a few weeks into the session. Can I still register my child in Gymnastics?

Yes, we always pro-rate the price of programs, so you can register at any time through the session. (The $30 G.O. Fee does not change.)

What is the G.O. Fee for?

Loyalist Gymnastics is a member of Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada, and is charged for each member. This membership means that your child is also a part of Gymnastics Ontario, and is covered through the insurance for gymnastics activities. For more information on Gymnastics Ontario, visit Gymnastics Ontario athletes are covered from July 1st through June 30th of each year.

Is there a family discount for siblings enrolled in Gymnastics?

Yes, Loyalist Gymnastics offers 10% off each additional child in your family, who are registered in the same session.

Are my child’s Gymnastics classes tax-deductible?

Yes, all Gymnastics and Tumbling classes are tax-deductible, not including the G.O. Fee. A tax receipt will be automatically emailed to you upon registration.

What payment options do you accept?

Debit, Visa, Mastercard, or exact cash is accepted in the office, as well as Visa or Mastercard online through this website, or over the phone. Payment for classes is due in full at the time of registration. Loyalist Gymnastics also accepts ProKids and Jumpstart. Loyalist Gymnastics does not accept cheques.

The day or time I registered for no longer works for us. Can we switch to another day or time?

Yes, there is no charge for switching to another day provided the same level and age group is available. Please call ahead to ensure there is space in the class you would like to switch into, and that the coaches can be notified.

Do you offer refunds?

Loyalist Gymnastics Club does not offer refunds, however, we can credit the remaining class amount and G.O. Fee for later in the year at no charge.

How many children will be in my child’s class?

At Loyalist Gymnastics, we try our best to maintain a 1:8 coach-to-athlete ratio. There are occasions, (coach illness, athlete drop-ins, transfers, etc.) where a larger group ratio may occur unexpectedly, especially during the first few classes of a session.

Does my child require special clothing for gymnastics classes?

Your child can dress in comfortable clothing (t-shirts, shorts, bodysuit, etc.) and bare feet for classes – nothing special is required! Please no jeans, hoods, or jewelry, and hair must be tied back.

In the event of inclement weather, will classes be cancelled?

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, we will update our Facebook page (to receive updates on Facebook, please “like” Loyalist Gymnastics Club). Cancellations due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled or refunded.

Are snacks and water bottles permitted?

If you plan to bring a snack for after your child’s class please make sure it is NUT-FREE. Everyone is encouraged to bring a water bottle that is NOT disposable, as we don't have recycling pick-up at our facility. Food and drink other than water is not permitted inside the gym, (please no Gatorade or Powerade).

Do I need to stay in the building while my child is participating in class?

Children under the age of 6 are required to have a parent or adult in the building for the duration of their class. Parents of children over 6 are not permitted onto the gymnastics floor due to safety reasons but are welcome (but not required) to stay within our parent viewing area.

Am I allowed to take photos?

Parents are NOT permitted to take photos during regular practices due to family and staff
privacy policies. Taking of photos is permitted only at special events and Showcases.